Face masks

Xelits' face mask all have the necessary certificates and test reports. All suppliers have been visited and the processes and hygiene have been investigated and approved of. That's why we can vouch for the quality of our masks.

Our protection gowns

Our protection gowns and coats are made from SMS, a 100% polypropylene. They are water resistant and antibacterial. They have a ribbed elastic sleeve that makes the sleeves fit and seal well.

No touch automatic sanitiser dispenser. Just hold the hands below the nozzle and the dispenser doses just the correct quantity for one hygienic treatment. No contamination. The dispenser comes with a container of 600 ml enough for 1.200 doses. Don't forget to order you refill package of 6 x 500 ml or 6 x 1.000 ml.

Hand sanitiser in various packages. Handy hand sanitiser flacon or refill packages for our sanitiser dispenser.