Net4kids is the child aid organization for companies.

Based on the belief that children around the world are the next generation shaping our future, Net4kids offers opportunities for vulnerable children to develop. Give an opportunity on the labor market. It does this by connecting companies in the Netherlands with appropriate, concrete initiatives worldwide. Net4kids combines a business approach with emotional involvement and provides a transparent interpretation of the CSR policy of companies that have this topic high on the agenda.

Dutch entrepreneurs help Net4kids to set up child aid projects by investing in education, health care and a safe environment. But now there is a direct problem due to the Corona crisis. We are vulnerable, but they are even more vulnerable. All these children need us more than ever before.

Enter the code Net4kids2020 with your order and we will donate 20% of the purchase amount to Net4kids. This way you not only protect yourself and your colleagues, but you also contribute to clean drinking water, soap and food packages for the children in Net4kids' projects.

Facemasks for your employees

Facemasks for entrepreneurs

If you need masks in large quantities, you can also purchase the masks in bulk packaging. Also when purchasing these masks, 20% of the proceeds are donated to Net4kids. The code is also Net4kids2020.

Club of 1000

Net4kids started the Club of Thousand together with the Dutch entrepreneurs. They ask 1000 companies to donate € 140 (one time) to Net4kids. Thanks to this support they can, in this Corona crisis, help as many children and their families survive. Do you, like Xelit, want to join The Club of Thousand?

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